Welcome to Al Tamaluk Shared Real Estate

by Dr. Yousef Al-Bader

Al Tamaluk Shared Real Estate is one of the Group Companies of Dr. Yousef Al-Bader. Dr Yousef Al Bader is an independent-minded leader with charismatic speaking skills and a knack for consensus-building. He's a talented, introspective writer. He has written many books in English and Arabic which became an eye opener for many individuals. His values are strongly shaped by his expertise.

Dr Yousef Al Bader Group has active presence and involvement in marketing and trading of crude and refined petroleum products, Distribution, Retails, Medical, Real Estate Investments etc...both in Dubai and Kuwait.

Dr Yousef always made a proper balance between his professional life as a businessman and personal life as a doctor. This helped him to achieve many qualities that a normal person can never have in a life time. He holds many accolades and accreditations from many reputed institutions from all over the world.


Investment Project

Own 3 weeks in different apartments at Dubai, Makkah and India with prices starting from ...


Health Guarantee

Obtain health guarantee for the treatment in private hospitals and abroad around the world


Own & Enjoy

Cash return from 15% to 25% on capital investment + Medical + Touristic

Trip Therapy is a new concept

Dr Yousef Al Bader chose to spare his free time healing people who are unwell. He became a certified Naturopath from Canada. He holds a permanent membership with ANCB (American Naturopathic Certification Board). Trip Therapy is a new concept Developed by Dr Yousef for his clients and a company established under this objective has become a huge success. Dr Yousef Al Bader Health Awareness Center is conducting trip therapy- a new concept in doctor guided medical tourism – has proved that all treatments and corrective steps should focus on mind level and not at body level only.

Dr Yousef Al Bader became a leader and has been successful in business throughout his life. He holds a PhD in Bio Medical from Scotland (UK). During the last 25 years of his business life he has created good will and is branded as is an entrepreneur in many industries. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Dr Yousef Al Bader an iron man in Oilfield. Currently Dr Yousef Al Bader is CEO & Managing Director of Delmar Kuwait Petroleum Company. Delmar Petroleum Company is a fast growing petroleum company in Asia& Africa& China, and has presence in many countries.

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