Invest 100,000 USD for 30 Years utilization period or rent it with a yearly cash benefit from 15-25% of the invested amount.


Additional Services For Investor:

In addition of the use or the investment of the Unit, the investor will benefits from the following complementary services:

* Insurance on the invested amount through international insurance company.
* Health insurance for treatment at local private hospitals and abroad other than USA after obtaining the insurer’s consent.

* Tamaluk Concierge services
* Airport Lounge Access in 800 airports around the world.
* Taking advantage of the special prices for more than 110,000 Hotels and Apartments around the world.

Armani Residences Dubai

About Armani Residences in Dubai

Located within the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the Armani Residences Dubai are a celebration of Giorgio Armani’s personal approach to elegance and style.

Envisioned by fashion icon Giorgio Armani, this hotel occupies 11 floors of Dubai’s iconic skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. It has a beautiful view to Dubai musical fall, deluxe spa that reflects the Armani lifestyle philosophies; offering beautiful unique spaces and outstanding service for individual personalized treatments and has direct access to Dubai mall.

Rooms of understated elegance feature curved lines are decorated with Japanese tatami and luxury fabrics modern appliances include flat-screen tvs with dvd, ipod docking stations and free Wi-Fi. Personally designed by Giorgio Armani, these exclusive residences are a reflection of his personal approach to elegance and unique style philosophy.

Armani hotel Dubai provides sophisticated dining options in each of its 7 restaurants. Armani Hashi serves Japanese cuisine with a modern twist and renowned Armani privé hosts the most popular club nights in town.
Guests can relax at the extensive armani spa, offering personal treatments and sequential bathing.


Investment Project

Own 3 weeks in different apartments at Dubai, Makkah and India with prices starting from ...


Health Guarantee

Obtain health guarantee for the treatment in private hospitals and abroad around the world


Own & Enjoy

Cash return from 15% to 25% on capital investment + Medical + Touristic