Our Idea

The Birth Of New Investment Project ``Own & Enjoy``

Dr. Yousef Al Bader Health Awareness Center is a tour operating& Health Awareness Company with more focus on medical Tours. Trip Therapy is a relatively new concept in the Middle East which is gaining popularity in western countries. We conduct training programs and trips to change the physical, mental and emotional feelings of our guests.

Trip as a Healing & Relaxing

Nowadays we’re used to thinking of travel as the ‘fun’ bit of life, but enjoyment isn’t a reason why it shouldn’t also do some very serious things for us. At its deepest level, travel can assist us with our psychological education. It can – when approached the right way – play a critical role in helping us to grow into better versions of our normal selves. When it corrects the imbalances and immaturities of our natures, travel reveals its full potential to function as a form of therapy in our lives. But in order to work a therapeutic effect, we need to change how we go about choosing our destinations and How to save money. We should recognize that we’re badly served here by the travel industry, which cuts the world up into material categories almost entirely unattended to the needs of our souls. It will lay before us options like ‘outdoor fun,’ ‘family adventure’ ‘culture weekends’ or ‘island hideaways’ – but leave it unexplored quite what the point of these destinations might be when considered from the point of view of ourselves.

Idea of Investing with ``Own & Enjoy``

To buy an Apple and count the seeds inside is like to buy a Real Estate or a share or an act with a fixed income. But the investment created by Dr. Yousef Al-Bader is to look forward the number of Apples you will get if you plant all the seeds of the first Apple; It's the ``Abundance Law``

The company was established in 2011 and has offices in UAE & Kuwait.


Investment Project

Own 3 weeks in different apartments at Dubai, Makkah and India with prices starting from USD 20,000


Health Guarantee

Obtain health guarantee for the treatment in private hospitals and abroad around the world


Own & Enjoy

Cash return from 15% to 25% on capital investment + Medical + Touristic